Zambia 2017 – Sunday 10th September

Simon Withers – MEng Aerospace Engineering (with a Year in Industry)

Saturday 7th September was another early start- but we were all more than happy to be awake at 6am this time. We were off to Livingstone and Victoria Falls. Not much can be said about the journey, apart from the fact that I will never complain about the state of Britain’s roads again.

We arrived in Livingstone late afternoon and spent the evening relaxing by the hostel’s pool before going out for a very Zambian dinner (think crocodile and caterpillars). An early night followed ready for some adventures the next day.

We started the day on Sunday by going white water rafting in the rapids downstream of the falls. According to our guides, these rapids are some of the best in the world. Not that I could tell you. I spent most of my time with either my eyes closed, hanging onto the boat for dear life, or flailing helplessly in the water hoping I was not going to become lunch for a crocodile. Not that I should worry about that, the guides had kindly informed us that these crocodiles were vegetarian.



Our second activity we had booked was a sunset cruise on the Zambezi… with a free bar. It wasn’t just about the gin and tonics though. We saw hippos and crocodiles in the water, and baboons and elephants on the riverbank. It certainly won’t be a boat trip we’ll forget anytime soon.



After the cruise, we headed to a bar near our hostel. There was live music, the drinks were cheap and we all had a really great night. I won’t go into the details, so all I’ll say is it wasn’t quite the conventional night out you’ll experience in the UK. Due to the relaxing day we had planned the next day, we could afford the associated lie-in (hangover).