Zambia 2017 – Thursday 31st August

Rachel Johnson – MEng Mechanical Engineering (with a Year in Industry)

Day two at the Mutende Children’s Village meant our first early start, cracking on with work as soon as the sun rose at around 6 am. Daylight hours here are 6 am to 6 pm- it’s quite a challenge to adjust to this but so far we’re managing!

First we had to dig out eight posts from the previous playground structure as they were unsafe for the children to use. These were difficult to dig out because some of them had huge concrete foundations that needed to be dug around before removal. Some of the team worked on this whilst others went to get more materials, and after a good few hours of work we had removed them all and started adjusting the holes to the correct dimensions. Izzy and I worked together on this and we hope to be remembered for the impressive holes we dug!



After all the holes were dug out we stopped for lunch which was desperately needed. We used this time to re-energize and discuss the jobs for the afternoon. Lunch consists of everyone attempting to fit as many different fillings into bread rolls as possible; resulting in incredible combinations of cheese, peanut butter, cucumber, marmite, ham, and crisps!

The afternoon work is much harder as it’s so much hotter than in the morning. The timber was termite treated, a shop run was done, and games were played with the children! Today has been a hard day of work but has been really rewarding – it’s nice to see the playground shaping up and I can’t wait to see it completed!