Zambia 2017 – Friday 8th September

Jack Horgan – BEng Civil Engineering

Our last day in Siavonga has been a busy one. I’ve been part of the Surveying Team that comprises of four Civil Engineering students: Haytham, Joe, Ben and myself, as well as PhD student Kay. Our task has been to survey an existing school site, including buildings and features such as trees, as well as complete a topographical survey in a proposed build area for a new classroom specifically designed for children with disabilities. We completed the majority of work yesterday, which was topped with a fantastic traditional meal cooked by the staff at the school, so we only needed a few hours to gather the final points necessary to create a local map of the area.



As soon as we collected and packed away our equipment, we headed to one of the existing classrooms for to teach the children some lessons planned by the rest of our team. The first lesson was about Bloodhound SSC, which the children loved – especially due to the fact that they got to build and test their own miniature race cars! After a while, some cable ties and a few questionable designs from the Swansea staff and students, we took the cars outside and raced them one-by-one. The children crowded round and were shouting and clapping happily, particularly when their car was the one being tested on the track.

Following the races, the children headed back to the classroom to create their own solar system and myself, Joe, Ben and Partial headed to the hospital with Ashley to lend a final helping hand with some already hugely successful trips to the hospital. One of the surgical lights needed rewiring and some new bulbs.  Whilst Joe, Ash, Ben and myself toiled with taking apart and running a cable through the whole light structure, Partial created a circuit with the bulbs and Simon worked on rewiring the plugs. After several hours spent working, we stood the light up and pugged it in. It was incredibly satisfying to be rewarded with a fully-functioning bright light. Happy but tired, we headed back to the hotel.













After a quick shower and some food, we met everyone else at the lakeside bonfire, which we kept well stocked all night, for some drinks and a summary of the whole trip. Everyone spoke about their favourite memories and what they had gained from the trip – it was an enjoyable way to finish off our time in Siavonga and everyone went to bed with high spirits.